President of the World Mr. Djuyoto Suntani Sets April 19 as “World Common Sense Day”

Minggu, 19 April 2020 | 7:36 am
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Jakarta | Teliksandi – The World Peace Committee President HE Mr. Djuyoto Suntani on behalf of the international community 202 countries agreed on April 19, 2020 as “World Common Sense Day”.

The decision of the World President approved April 19, 2020, after witnessing the international community today reject common sense.

“The majority of the international community today has lost its mind massively. The international community is afraid of the corona issue. Fear of heresy. As a World Leader, I decided to hold a World Health Intellect Day. I am aware of his common sense throughout the world, “added the figure who has become an idol of the international community in 202 Countries.

The World Peace Committee President HE Mr. Djuyoto Suntani., with the National Leadership Council (DPN) SAPU JAGAD., Tn. Agus Yusuf. 


April 19 Chosen by World President HE Mr. Djuyoto Suntani Because the corona virus issue is often called Covid 19.

“The international community on April 19th raised my common sense. The corona virus is only an issue, use common sense to not believe in the corona virus,” concludes World President HE Mr. Djuyoto Suntani. (Red) 

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